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How to Express That You Want to Make It a Longer Term Relationship

"Tell her that you love her company and want it for a longer time"

“Tell her that you love her company and want it for a longer time” 

If you have spent a while in the dating scene and you’re used to hooking up with women and having one night stands, it might be completely foreign to you when you want the opposite. Telling a woman you’ve been hooking up with that you want to make it a relationship can be nerve wracking even if you’ve been having sex with her regularly. You’re probably much more used to telling women that you only want a casual relationship, so it can be strange and uncomfortable to try and tell her you want things to be more serious.

However, if you really have developed feelings for a woman you met on the top Internet hookup dating websites or in a bar in Glasgow, you should really take the effort to try and tell her how you feel. It can be terrifying but it can also be immensely rewarding because there is rarely too much of a good thing, especially when it comes to hooking up with a woman you really click with. Remember that there is always a chance things won’t go over well and you will wind up browsing the top Internet hookup dating websites yet again – sometimes things just don’t work out. However, with a little planning and a little luck, you might be able to get exactly what you want out of the relationship. You can also go for some real fling sites mentioned here, the top casual dating sites. You should only trust the best hookup dating sites, if you are planning to transform your casual relationship into a serious one.

Keeping a Casual Relationship for Longer

"Take her out on dates and compliment her"

“Take her out on dates and compliment her” 

There are some serious benefits to making a casual relationship last longer than originally planned. Firstly and most obviously, if you find a woman you really click with, you don’t want to let her go. Otherwise you’ll have to wind up searching all over Glasgow for a woman to hook up with yet again, which can be tiring if you really enjoy her company. Keeping a woman in a relationship, even if it’s just a casual relationship, can be really beneficial to both of you because it means you get what you want without having to keep parting ways with each other and looking for other people to meet up with. Even though it should be fairly easy for you to find women using the top Internet hookup dating websites, sometimes you just click with a woman and want to keep spending time with her instead of moving on to someone else.

If you really enjoy a woman’s company and the sex is great, you should make the extra effort to keep her around. It can be intimidating to do so, but chances are the woman you’re hooking up with might feel the same way about the relationship and she just doesn’t know how to express what she wants. This is common, since most women avoid bringing up commitment in fear of driving guys away, so you should always give it a shot.

Gauge What Her Feelings Are First

"Ask her what she feels about your relationship"

“Ask her what she feels about your relationship” 

If you’re particularly nervous about what she will say or do when you ask her to commit to a longer relationship, you should try to gather information on how she feels about it before you ask her straight up. Drop hints about the future and your plans and see how she reacts. If she seems noncommittal, you might want to pack your bags and find someone else to hook up with instead of going through the trouble of trying to keep her. However, if she seems to participate in your discussions about the future like she wants to be part of it, this is a fairly good indication of where she is at mentally. You can always try to ask her what her feelings for you are, as well, but some women might be reluctant to answer this kind of question truthfully if they’re cared you will cut ties if she seems too serious.

Telling Her What You Want from the Relationship

"Communication is the key to any relationship"

“Communication is the key to any relationship” 

The most important part of this entire situation is telling her what you want from the relationship. This can be intimidating especially if you are not used to talking about your feelings or desires, but you should know that this type of communication often isn’t easy for women either. Try to relax before you decide to bring it up, because the more nervous you seem and act, the worse it will go. It’s not the end of the world if she wants something different from the relationship; you can always find another woman to hook up with.

Take her out on a date wherever she really likes to go and make sure she’s comfortable and relaxed before you get into the conversation. Make sure to start the conversation casually instead of dropping a line about how you need to talk – and this conversation is always done best in person. Tell her exactly what you want out of the relationship and why you want it. You may want to lay heavy on the compliments if you think she might not be on the same page, because most women can still be persuaded into a longer relationship if she knows you really want it. Keep the conversation as casual as possible instead of making it seem like it’s a big deal to you, even if it really is. The more calm and assured you seem about your desires, the better she will feel about the entire situation and the more openly she will respond to you. Remember that if she doesn’t seem on board with the longer relationship, it isn’t the end of the world. She may just be hesitant about it, so continue to pursue what you want.

Defining Boundaries Is Important at All Levels

If you want to enter into a serious romantic relationship with her, you need to let her know that’s what you want. Never assume that she just knows what you want, because this rarely ends well for anybody. If all you want is to keep hooking up, make sure she doesn’t get any ideas about the future of the relationship. Know that long-term hookup relationships can sometimes get very sticky, because the longer things go, the more feelings tend to get involved. While this is usually true for women, you may find it being true for you as well. This can be a bad thing especially if you spend a lot of time emphasizing that you only want to hook up with her and you wind up developing feelings for her.

Make sure she understands what the relationship is and that she’s on board with it as well. If she wants something more or less than you do, it can make the relationship grow very complicated very quickly, and this will not end well for either involved party. Communication is seriously important when it comes to discussing the future of your relationship, whether it be casual or serious, long term or short term. If the two people in a relationship don’t understand what the other person wants, things can get messy quickly, so you really need to communicate your issues clearly. As long as you communicate clear boundaries and make sure the both of you are on the same page, your newly lengthened relationship should go off without a hitch, and you will no longer have to worry about finding a new woman to hook up with – at least for the time being.

Recognizing a Responsible Partner

“Find a responsible partner for your BDSM scene”

Although comparing various fetish dating sites and their reviews can help you in finding the right partner for your kinky fantasies, there’s still thousands, if not millions of members to sift through. After long, and positive email exchanges and phone calls, you might also decide to meet your potential partner. Up to this point, you’ll already have made thousands of decisions about them. Quirks you’ve noticed but decided weren’t a problem, character traits you like and so on. When looking for a vanilla partner, all these things play a role as well, but you also want someone you need to be able to trust not to truly hurt you. Someone who knows their responsibilities. This is a topic that is relevant to submissives, but to Dominants as well. Even if it first might appear like a submissive has no responsibilities toward their Dom, they must be able to rely on a sub to use a safe word when they have to and to communicate any issues they might have.

Just like on every other dating sites, fetish ones can be frequented by a few bad seeds, and no matter how much you compare, you won’t be able to spot them before registering and getting to know them. These people might simply be bad at alternative relationships, or they could be predators hoping to find a gullible submissive or a Daddy who spoils them rotten. There are ways to keep the wrong kind of person away from you, and ways to recognize their bad behaviour before something goes wrong.

Don’t Be a Doormat

“Keep your dignity intact”

Even though this mostly applies to submissives, Doms can also get run over by a demanding sub. The kink community is often labled wrongly and misjudged, which attracts wanna-be Doms who are actually just men who want an absolutely submissive woman. This is the most common issue alternative dating sites have to deal with, but can’t do much about. For this reason, you as a user need to be aware of not only the existence of these people, but also what you can do to not have to deal with them longer than a few messages.

Before you decide to enter an alternative relationship with someone, you have absolutely no obligations toward them, even if they are a Dom. Good Doms will understand this and, at most, ask you beforehand if you’re okay with something or not. Someone posing as a Dom will try to impose his needs and desires on you. If you want to meet in a public place, which for your own safety is absolutely your right, and someone denies you this, then don’t meet them. If you’re a Dom meeting a sub, and she already expects you to be commanding instead of a person like any other, don’t meet her. Of course, in both cases it could be that you’re meeting a beginner. Let them know what’s wrong with their behaviour, but if they still insist that they’re in the right, then just let it go.

A responsible partner understands that you are both equal and human, both before and during the relationship. That doesn’t change if it’s an unusual relationship that involves a powershift.


“Negotiate your limits”

Should someone have managed to get past the beginning stages of getting to know each other without raising any red flags, and you’re entering negotiations, then also be wary in this stage. Negotiations in a relationship that incorporates kinks are vital. Both parties have equal say in the matter. If either side doesn’t share this opinion and firmly believes that only one, usually the Dom, has a say in everything, then negotiations cannot commence.

Even if this isn’t the case, one of the most critical issues during negotiations are soft and hard limits. These are about reviewing what you’re willing to do, even if you dislike it, and what is absolutely off-limits for you. This often refers to specific activities during play. Since you compared dating sites – looking for fetishes geared toward your specific likes – it’s easy to assume that the other person you’ve met shares your preferences. Hard and soft limits can change over time, but nobody should ever assume that by default, and simply ignore their existence. Not respecting someone’s limits is a clear show of lack of understanding for BDSM and kink dynamics. If no amount of explaining solves this, don’t commence further into the relationship.

Finding potential partners for BDSM is the key to a good experience, you can visit local dating sites for it. Find the best sites at Sites here are thoroughly reviewed. Potential partners are those who respect your limits and do not push them without asking for permission beforehand. These are the ones where you’ll also find yourself renegotiating regularly as you begin to trust them more.

BDSM Is Not Abuse, Abuse Is Not BDSM

“It is not abuse”

Some relationships can start out wonderfully and then suddenly take a turn for the sour. It’s already immensely difficult to recognize abuse for what it is in a vanilla relationship. It can get even harder in a relationship with BDSM. Because abuse is often associated with real, physical violence, emotional abuse often goes unchecked. For someone caught in the situation, it can take a long time to realize what’s really going on. When you add in a preference for humiliation and pain, the lines may look a bit blurry to you. Also, a concern of many beginning sadists is being a potential abuser because they enjoy inflicting pain on someone else.

The core of BDSM, and every other kink, is trust in each other and wanting to share the positive sensations each action provokes. They can be interlaced with negative ones, but in the end, you’ll feel satisfied, happy and content. If you are a responsible partner and with one, you won’t get angry if your significant other uses the safeword and vice versa. On the other hand, an abusive person will most likely fly off the handle and express his extreme displeasure. Abusive personalities are adamant on what they want, without regard for others, and they are willing to put you under pressure to achieve their goal. It’s one thing to punish a sub by placing her in the corner for a certain amount of time. It’s another to deny all contact and conversation. A threat that should make your red flags go up is if your partner leaves you if you don’t do something, even if you express that you don’t want to do it.

In the end, the core difference is that a responsible partner in a BDSM relationship might punish you, but will tell you exactly why. She will still respect you, your wishes and your limits. An abusive person will simply lash out, even at the smallest things, be it verbally or physically, and the main reason will be that something disagrees with her and her opinions. Should you ever find yourself in such a relationship, don’t be afraid to get help and get out.

All these points might sound very strict, however, it’s important to understand how dangerous it can be to get involved with someone who doesn’t understand the responsibility of her position. It’s alright to be a beginner and not know everything. That’s why it’s important to always let someone know that what they’re doing isn’t healthy for anyone, especially not for future partners. But if someone is incorrigible, you need to let go and move on. There are plenty of alternatives and nobody is worth dangerously sacrificing your health for.

The 3 Best Apps For Car Aficionados

Cars have always been considered as toys for the big boys. However, gadgets too are becoming a favorite, and it’s also consuming the minds of the middle-class. It’s no wonder why gadgets and cars have always gone hand in hand in today’s market. And with the growing popularity and increasing use of smartphones and gadgets, apps can now answer the cravings of car aficionados. There are now dedicated apps for car lovers that can help them with their car cravings, as well as help them with car problems and car care. Here are the 3 best apps for car aficionados.

The Ultimate Car Social-Networking App

Considered as the ultimate app for car aficionados, Car Fiend brings out the car-geek in you. A free app available on Apple’s most recent App Store, Car Fiend lets you post and browse photos, as well as creating a virtual garage for your ultimate car collection. Make no mistake as this app can help you create detailed car profiles to your liking. It’s like the ultimate Facebook for car enthusiasts, as it also includes a ‘Home’ section to check on your friends’ profiles and network.

Bring Your Repair Expert Wherever You Go


Best Android apps for drivers

There comes a point in a car-owner’s life where they get stuck on the road, experiencing problems that are too much too handle. Luckily, there’s an app that helps you find the nearest repair shop, relieving you from the pains of finding them on your own. RepairPal is available through the iPhone and Android, making sure it can cater across both platforms. What this app does is to provide you with handy tune-up tips and helps you find the nearest repair shop in your immediate vicinity. It also helps you get the best repair deal by comparing and evaluating estimates.

Everything about Cars on the Palm of Your Hands


Automotive Aficionados, Assemble

The app is by far, the most useful app for car geeks and aficionados. What this app does is help you find a new or used car to your liking. It also keeps record of the latest prices of the most recent cars. It also helps you find the nearest dealerships of cars and parts, and let you find comprehensive searches for models of cars. The need for searching cars is made simple, and saves you tons of time and money, you can eve create lists from your search queries, as this can help you compare prices to help you land the best deal.

Car aficionados should be proud of their hobby, and what better way to do that than to have handy apps available whenever you need them. With these apps, it will help car geeks with their craft, and helps even the most car-illiterate become an instant expert.

Sure Shot Ways To Make Your Crush Fall Head Over Heels For You

Having a crush is a part of teenage and youth which is seldom forgotten. Crushes can happen on favorite movie stars, the hottest cheerleader of your school’s football team, the volleyball champion, teacher etc and most of us never take them seriously. Crushes are considered nothing more than an attraction and are for fun for most people. But what if you develop a serious crush on a boy or girl in school, neighborhood etc. If you practically think that the match is feasible considering factors like age, looks etc then there are definitely some ways to get yourself noticed by your `crush’.

Dress up in a smart and cultured way

A person’s dressing sense and physical appearance says a lot. You are a stranger for your `crush’ and when his or her eyes will fall on you then the first thing noticed by your `crush’ will be how presentably, smartly and elegantly you are dressed up. No matter how cool your crush may appear on the outside, but every person desires a well dressed and cultured partner for dating.

Of course you could select your dressing style from modern to traditional depending upon your assumption about your crush’s taste. You could gauge the likes and dislikes of your crush with the help of social networking sites.

Engage in social cause and help others

You know that your `crush’ doesn’t know about you and still you desire to be chosen as a date. For that to happen there must be something special in you which would set you apart from all other people. You could be an active member of the social reformers of your educational institution or your local area who work for cleanliness drives, protection campaign for non native students, water conservation campaigns etc.


Sure Shot Ways To Make Your Crush Fall Head Over Heels For You

You could help the students from the `handicap section’ of your university. Do the social efforts genuinely and by employing this unique tip, you would get your crush’s attention as well way to his/her heart. This tip is very useful if you want to start a serious relationship rather than a fling.

Get introduced to your crush’s friend circle

A person always admires the fact that his/her partner is socially presentable and a cool person which would be appreciated by the person’s friend circle. So if you want to gain attention from your `crush’ then you can try finding common connections in your friends circle. If you find some connection then get yourself introduced in your crush’s friend circle.

Don’t try to be flirty with them and instead focus on creating a good rapport with an easily approachable image. Present your fun side to them. Once his/her friends will like you then they will surely speak about you in front of your `crush’ in positive light. This really helps.


Finding Friendship at Every Stage of life

Developing a crush isn’t an unusual occurrence. But when your crush on someone whom you deeply admire materializes then it’s a very beautiful feeling. This can lead to a very healthy long term relationship only if the feelings become mutual. With these ways you could surely gain your crush’s attention and appreciation. Your first step towards getting a cute date will be accomplished.

Diet Without Sugar: Think It Is Impossible?

Is sugar really required in our diet? Does it provide any nutrient content? Well, if a new born baby is fed no sugar at all it could well manage to live without it. Sweetness is a taste we get used to early on in life and prefer to have that over other tastes. White sugar has no real nutritive value in our diet, it just adds to our calories. But once we are used to this taste we are not able to give it up. This is true because all good things in life like ice creams, sweets etc contain sugar. But there are alternatives to sugar. You can still eat your sweets without adding sugar. To see how this is possible, read further.

Use sugar free substitutes in the place of white sugar in your diet

There are a number of sugar free substitutes available in the market today. When used in the place of sugar they provide the same sweetness. Many of them are available in chemical form. Some of them are also available in natural organic form. Laboratory composed artificial sweeteners are of several types – saccharin, aspartame, neotame, acesulfame potasssium. FDA has approved some of them, but with long term usage they are supposed to have some side effects. The natural sweeteners are Honey, Stevia, Agave nectar, Blackstrap molasses etc. Stevia and Agave are plant products, basically leaves which are sweet.

Eat wholesome fruits rather than canned fruits and juices


Eat wholesome fruits rather than canned fruits and juices

Eating the fruit in the natural form does not spike up the sugar levels in your body. Hence it is better than eating sugar laden syrups and juices. Check up on fruits which have less sugar content compared to others. Oranges, papaya, apple have less sugar as compared to bananas, dates, jackfruit, mangoes etc.

Skip or avoid cereals for breakfast

Breakfast cereals have a hidden component of sugar which may not be visible. Eat toast with peanut butter instead of corn flakes with milk and sugar. Eat a fresh fruit and don’t go in for canned or processed food.

Skip or avoid beverages like carbonated drinks, soda etc

Stick to drinking plain old water if you are thirsty. By gulping down aerated drinks, alcohol etc a lot of unwanted sugar content gets into your body. If you really want to drink something go in for coconut water, green tea etc.

Cut out on sweets and processed foods from your diet


Sugar addiction: How to cut it out

Sweets are eaten by us mainly to tingle our taste buds. If you really crave for one, eat a sweet once a week and not on daily basis. Processed foods contain loads of sugar, so avoid them. Try to eat food in its natural form. This is the most healthy diet.


To keep yourself healthy and to avoid body pollution cut down on your sugar intake. When you are young you may not see the bad effects of eating too much sugar assuming that you are exercising enough. But as you get older, eating too much sugar can land you in type 2 diabetes and other ailments.

3 Questions That Truly Matter In Every Job Interview

We have all been there before, practicing days and nights before the big day only to end up blurting out a carefully rehearsed speech on the day of the interview. When you try to review the answers you provided, the transparency that you flunk the interview could not get any worse. Out of 25 questions or so, which one did you ace? Which answers elicited a ridiculous amount of frown and laugh from the interviewer? Experts say that in each and every job interviews, there are only 3 questions that really matter, and when you nail the right with impressive responses, you are likely to be called again for another interview.

Can You Do the Job?

This question asks about your strengths as an employee. It scrutinizes if your experience, existing knowledge and the previous trainings you had are enough to compensate for qualification required for the job. Therefore, extra skills related to the job are quite handy. For example, if you are applying as secretarial position for an executive in the field of communications, your interviewer will be surely impressed if you can speak, write and understand foreign languages. Highlight the skills you have and mention that you are open for further trainings the company has to offer. Make sure you’re mentioning relevant skills. Washing clothes fast may be a skill to boast about in a dinner party but not in a job interview. This makes you a valuable employee that aspires for the better and is flexible for change, especially if the anticipated result is good.

Will You Love the Job?


10 tough job interview questions answ

This question dissects your motivation as an employee. Hiring people with brilliant IQs but demoralizing EQ, BQ and MQ is not an attractive move for companies. Try snooping around online and you will read that Intelligent Quotient alone does not make anyone succeed. Therefore, present yourself as an enthusiastic, highly motivated person that is excited to work with individuals and teams. Put emphasis that your skills are not only factors that make you a potential candidate for the job, but your motivation as a person will help flourish the company’s branding and services.

Can We Tolerate Working With You?



This question analyzes if you are truly fit for their company. Your work history might be revealed, and the interviewer may probe deeper on why you left your former job. Did you get fired? Did you resign and was it a personal choice? Were you laid off? Answer the questions truthfully because your prospect company will probably inquire about your overall performance in your previous workplace. Whatever happens, do not ever trash talk your former bosses and the company.

Remember to look comfortable and confident on your job interview. Shake off the feeling of apprehension because it will not help you aim your goal- acing the interview question with ease and straight answers.